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David Lyons

David Gelly & Camilla George

Lambeth resident since the '70s, musician and journalist David Gelly confesses you'd have little trouble to identify, in what was then the London suburbs, a stream of venues where you could access live jazz. We learn setting up gigs and venues operated on more relaxed terms previously. Also, David describes those times were often without the stability to keep bands together, not benefitting from the bigger audiences the inner city was more able to generate.



Nigerian born saxophonist Camilla George ‘got to love jazz’ initially through the vivid exposure her parents provided. A good breadth of jazz via their vinyl collection and regular trips to Ealing Jazz Festival which intrigued and bewildered the youngster were key. Developing a career as a jazz musician thereafter, Camilla remains enthused and takes an active role in what she views as the resurgent roots of a vibrant dance aspect of jazz.



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Interview date 16th February 2017
Source National Jazz Archive
Reference number NJA/IJR/WK/4/2

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